A tsunami reconstructed. The only tsunami recorded to have killed anyone in New Zealand holds valuable lessons 150 years on, scientists say.

It was generated by an earthquake with a Magnitude of around 9.0–9.1 offshore from the Peru–Chile border. New Zealand wasn’t the only place in the tsunami path: Hawaii, Japan and Australia also felt the brunt; ships of several tonnes have been reported to have been pushed inland by 800 metres. Some ships were never seen again. Northern Chile tsunami, 11 May 1877. This tsunami was less pronounced than the 1868 tsunami from Chile, probably because the tides were below Mean Sea Level. In fact, ships that arrived in Lyttelton harbour over the following days fished many items and parts belonging to those unfortunate wrecked vessels. This list of natural disasters in New Zealand documents notable natural disasters and epidemics that have occurred in New Zealand since 1843. Notable natural disasters A new simulation shows what it was like to have been involved in New Zealand's only deadly tsunami, 150 years after it occured. The only tsunami recorded to have killed anyone in New Zealand holds valuable lessons 150 years on, scientists say. EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI OF 13 AUGUST 1868 IN ARICA, PERU. In the case of the 1868 tsunami, if it were to happen today, New Zealand could expect disruption and damage in several east coast ports. This image shows the areas around Banks Peninsula, on the South Island’s east coast, which were affected by the 1868 tsunami.

Banks Peninsula impact, 1868 (1st of 1) Next. Austrian geologist, Ferdinand von Hochstetter, who had visited New Zealand in 1859/60 (leaving his name on a glacier, lake and a couple of mountains in the process), recorded the effects of the tsunami in South America and across the Pacific. INTRODUCTION . Of these natural disasters, the 1918 flu pandemic resulted in the highest loss of life with 8,600 deaths in New Zealand.. On August 13, 1868 a great earthquake in the offshore area near Arica, Peru (at that time) generated a Pacific-wide tsunami. Tsunamis in New Zealand In a total of 22 tidal waves classified as a tsunami since 1855 a total of 1 people died in New Zealand. The 1868 Tsunami in Gisborne, New Zealand - NZ Herald Video New Zealand Herald Tsunami from South American sources probably pose the greatest “external” tsunami threat to New Zealand. A graphic reminder of this was the 22–23 May 1960 tsunami from Chile that produced a maximum height of 5.5 m in Lyttelton Harbour, and also affected other harbours along the east coast such as Gisborne (see picture). This tsunami is the only known example of a New Zealand tsunami generated by a volcano. The tsunami arrived at the Chatham Islands at about 1 a.m. local time, some 15 h after the earthquake. Peru-Chile tsunami, 15 August 1868. George Pararas-Carayannis . Compared to other countries, Tsunamis therefore occur more often than average, but still moderate. The 1868 tsunami was one of the first tsunamis to be scientifically documented in detail. An animation of the tsunami caused by the 1868 magnitude 8.5-9 earthquake offshore from the Chile-Peru border region. The tsunami struck on 15th August 1868 and is the largest historically documented distantly-sourced event in New Zealand (de Lange and Healy, 1986). The strongest tidal wave registered in New Zealand so far reached a height of 15 meters.

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