For example, light always radiates away from a lamp—never toward it. That being said, the selection of light clocks to prove this seems convenient, given that the entire article talks about the slowing down of light. by Ron Kurtus (revised 5 January 2011) When you drop an object from some height above the ground, it has an initial velocity of zero. Gravity Time Equations for Falling Objects.
Similar to how the passage of time is changed under special relativity, general relativity predicts that massive objects will also dilate time. Gravity, Spacetime curvature, Gravity would not be an attractive force between masses but an external pressure force produced by the spacetime curvature. The forward direction of time manifests itself in many ways that don’t involve gravity. The more massive the object, the more noticeable the effect. speed = distance / time Light (in this case, speed) is always constant and travels at a speed of 180,000 miles per second. Imagine two beams of light: one in a weak gravitational field traveling between points a and b, and the other in a strong gravitational field traveling between points c …
Gravity really impedes the flow of time, which implies that the more massive the object, the slower time passes in its vicinity. Albert Einstein determined that massive objects cause a distortion in space-time, which is felt as gravity. Simple equations allow you to calculate the time it takes for a falling object to reach a given velocity and the time it takes to reach a given displacement. This was used as a plot device in … This formed the basis of this theory of general relativity. Gravity is no longer thought of as a force, as in the Newtonian system, but as a cause of a “warping” of space-time, an effect described explicitly by a set of equations formulated by Einstein. Gravity slows the passage of time.

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