If your bin was stolen, not there when you moved into a property or damaged by someone else, then you'll need to buy a new bin or box. ... personal information which will be used for the purpose of delivering services and carrying out Council business. Abandoned or unwanted bin. Report a problem with a public bin. Just enter an address and the app will tell you when and which bins are due for collection. We won't empty bins that haven't been bought from Serco as they can be easily damaged during collection. If parked cars are in the way please place your bin on the road, closest to the kerb. If you need an extra rubbish bin please call us to discuss this. Assisted waste collection. Little Bin and Garden Waste Bin (140l bin for rubbish or garden waste) You'll need to pay£43 if your rubbish bin or garden waste bin has been damaged or gone missing, click "Report" to order and pay for a new one. Request a new bin, bin replacement or bin repair online form. Tono ipu para.

Council services and facilities have been affected by the COVID-19 lockdown. Clinical waste collection. Collections will be on the same days and the same recyclable items will be picked up as they were before the lockdown, as stated on the recycling calendar.. Only official receptacles (green/clear recycling bags, recycling wheelie bins and glass crates) will be collected. Organise a litter pick. Alternatively, place at the end of your driveway. Contact the Council if the address label has fallen off your wheelie bin. I want to swap to a smaller rubbish bin, can I do that now? There is no cost to you for a bin repair / replacement.

The Christchurch wheelie bins app makes it easy to set reminders for your wheelie bin collection day and provides notifications if the collection day changes. The Christchurch City Council is the local government authority for Christchurch New Zealand.

Buy a bin. Please contact us or fill out our Request a New Bin or a Bin Change form and we will arrange a swap. Stolen, lost or damaged bins. What is the wheelie bin stocktake? Report a build up of litter. Access information on Christchurch City Council's kerbside wheelie bin collection service. CHRISTCHURCH CITY COUNCIL - KERBSIDE COLLECTION and WASTE COLLECTION POINTS - TERMS AND CONDITIONS Kerbside Collection Rules – Wheelie Bin Service Reason for Clause 1) All permanent dwelling and business units that pay a UAGC and the waste minimisation targeted rate are entitled to use the Council funded collection service. Call us on 09 301 0101 to report an abandoned bin, or remove an unwanted bin. More contact details Christchurch City Council. You will need to provide the serial number of your wheelie bin to get a replacement address label. Just enter an address and the app will tell you when and which bins are due for collection. Your personal information is being collected for the purpose of processing your application for Replacement Bin/Repair to Domestic Wheelie Bin at Individual Dwelling.

We won't empty bins that haven't been bought from Serco as they can be easily damaged during collection. For the current status of council services and closures - Learn more COVID-19 information. Kerbside rubbish and recycling collection at Alert Level 2. Tip #1 Soft plastics – any plastic you can easily scrunch or bend in your hand, like plastic bags, cling film, courier bags, bubble wrap, chip packets, frozen food bags, biscuit trays, sushi trays, bread bags, chocolate bar wrappers and plastic ties – need to go in the red bin.. Request a different sized bin. Use the Request to exchange to a different sized bin online form to swap your bin for a different size. According to the most recent population estimates taken in 2017, the city… Stolen, lost or damaged bins. Christchurch.

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