Here we have an accepting and compassionate relationship. Your Amor is opposite the Sun, so the contact is not just about Eros/Amor. You can find a list of the love Astroids here If you’re lucky, there are Asteroids that have your name & your lover’s, This is a more fun technique to use : Name Asteroids. Lilith in Pisces- The Mystical Witch Sex God In a world that chooses realism, practicality and logic, it's your job to show everyone that in fact, nothing is real, and life is a dream.

Eros-Lilith. Lilith in Synastry : You can find more info here. They are able to express their desire because the sun sheds some light on the thoughts of Eros. But he staring at me, and do nothing whit this. Synastry: love asteroids The Love Asteroids: Cupido (763), Amor (1221), Eros (433) and Psyche (16) By C. Marguerite Hafeman. Lilith is Scorpio in 5th house so his Eros/Pluto hits my 5th house.

It may be difficult to sift out what is Amor, what is Eros, what is Moon, Sun, Neptune etc. In synastry, Lilith brings an untamed, wild sexual energy, feelings of obsession, and intense, transformative interactions. It’s his Eros (which is tightly conjunct his Pluto) in conjunction to my Lilith (we are not the same generation either and I have another Pluto sign, so my Lilith is not conjunct my Pluto). Eros/Amor becomes quite complex for you two as his Eros is conjunct Neptune, opposite the Moon and T-square to Saturn. Eros in Synastry but focusing on the easy aspects such as Trines, Sextiles and Conjunctions. Let’s take a cruise on down past Venus and Mars, check out how Cupido, Amor, Eros and Psyche … eros could feel rejected and hurt. Both parties will feel … This aspect shows an amazing amount of sexual chemistry and an obsessive attraction. Eros/Sun – Eros feels comfortable with the energy of the Sun.

We don't talk each other, we know each other only by seeing. It triggers his T-square and the Sun/Moon synastry conjunction.

His Lilith is in conjunction with his Mars and Venus, so his Lilith, Mars and Venus conjunct my poor Moon in my 8th house in aquarius.

positive: eros seeks a certain amount of romance and connection from sex that lilith will not always extend.

And is really crazy. I never felt something like this to anybody. Love Asteroids in Synastry : After analyzing a synastry, it can be useful or fun to use some asteroids to see what’s hidden or what is highlightened. the muses in synastry profile | register | preferences ... his Chiron conjunct her true LIlith (2) his mean Lilith conjunct her Adonis (2) his Karma conjunct her Sun (2) his Karma opposite her true Lilith exact his Priapus oposite her Adonis (1) his Adonis conjunct her Aphrodite (3) his Aphrodite conjunct her Eros (1) his Sappho conjunct her Sun (1) his Sappho conjunct her Merucry exact.

When he close to me, I fell such chemistry that I shake. I will make another post on oppositions and squares. When your Lilith aspects your someone’s planet (especially the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, or the Ascendant), you are magnetically attracted to this person, and can’t get them out of your mind.

So much more information and insight on romantic issues can be found by looking at the natal positions of those asteroids most commonly associated with the pursuit of love. sexually, though, when lilith does not feel choked by attempts at romance, they could really enjoy one another.

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