affects the degree of damages to buildings during earthquakes. The more energy in an earthquake, the more destructive it can be. Some earthquakes are just bigger than others. The Richter magnitude scale, as it is known, is logarithmic, so each step up represents an increase in energy of a factor of 10.

Earthquake magnitude is a measure of how much energy was released during an earthquake. Various factors such as brittle columns, stiffness elements, flexible ground floor, short columns, shapes, sizes, number of storeys, type of foundation, location of adjacent buildings, structural layouts etc. The day of the week is an issue mainly in built up areas such as cities. Some factors that affect intensity are the distance away from the epicenter, the depth of the earthquake, the population density of the area affected by the earthquake, the local geology of the are, the type of building construction in the area, and the duration of the shaking. Factors affecting the impact of an earthquake Distance from the epicentre - the effects of an earthquake are more severe at its centre. & Ad […] Other factors also come into play – the timing of the two events differed, with the first taking place at night when few people were about, while the second occurred at lunchtime, but the Christchurch earthquakes provide a good illustration of the unique character, and thus the unique impacts, of different earthquakes, that need not be related directly to their magnitude.


6 November 2019–The season that an earthquake occurs could affect the extent of ground failure and destruction that the event brings, according to a new look at two historical earthquakes that occurred about 100 years ago near Almaty, Kazakhstan.. What factors influence the magnitude of an earthquake? Time Of Day and Day Of The Week. For example, an earthquake in India during the very wet Monsoon Season could be far more damaging to the health of survivors than an identical earthquake during the dry period just before the Monsoon. We need you to answer this question!

There are seven main factors that affect the impact of an earthquake: Severity. These factors which influence the degree of damages that a structure experience during earthquake are discussed. Factors that Affect the Impact of an Earthquake.

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