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How do these places influence our lives? General Dictionary of Geology 8 A Aa: A term of Hawaiian origin. Also see entries for The study of the physical features of the earth.

It is the branch of science dedicated to the study of the Earth's physical features, such as oceans, mountains, and continents. FAQ on S4-6 Geography Curriculum and Respective Public Assessment : An English-Chinese Glossary of Terms Commonly used in the Teaching of Geography in Secondary Schools: Supplementary Sheets for “An English-Chinese Glossary of Terms Commonly Used in the Teaching of Geography in Secondary Schools” (updated as at November 2018) Geo refers to earth and graph refers to writing or describing.Geography describes the Earth. is a user-supported site. The dictionary of Physical Geography includes coverage of geomorphology, climatology, biogeography, zoogeography, hydrology, pedology and cartography. Acidic Rock: An igneous rock that has a relatively high silica content.

The Dictionary of Physical Geography is a good general resource for multiple levels of researchers at the university level. So, I want you to choose 5 places around the world that you are connected to personally (travel, culture, food you like, TV shows/books, family/ friends etc. Here We are providing you Modern Dictionary Of Geography for UPSC Geography optional, Geography Students Doing BA,MA In geography . National Park Area of such outstanding scenery that the government has put in place very strict

Imaginary lines running horizontally around the globe. Lake: A water body lying within the continental mass is termed as a lake. Users will be able to find definitions Physical Geography. ( An image taken from an elevated position. 248 Cambridge IGCSE Geography Glossary Monsoon Derived from the Arabic word mawsam, meaning season. Also called parallels, latitude lines are equidistant from each other. Includes study of regional formations and their relation to humans. latitude lines Imaginary lines running horizontally around the globe. Find the definition of geography terms and phrases. Geographers also ask why things are located in particular places. Containing over 6,400 entries on all aspects of both human and physical geography, this best-selling dictionary is the most comprehensive single-volume reference work of its kind. Each … in the world and give its absolute location. Here We are providing you Modern Dictionary Of Geography for UPSC Geography optional, Geography Students Doing BA,MA In geography . Email Corrections and Suggestions to: Human Geography. Land Breeze: In geography glossary, the breeze which flows from the land to the sea is known as the land breeze.

Used in reference to a basaltic lava that occurs in flows with a fissured, rough and jagged surface. National Curriculum Glossary Keyword Location in NC document Definition 1 (Taken from Collins English Dictionary unless otherwise stated) Definition 2 (Provided by PGCE Geography student) Aerial photograph Aims A photograph taken from an aircraft or satellite in flight.

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