Weaknesses: - Row punish, Geralt: Igni Considerations: - Isengrims Council, Percival, Half-Elf, Bomb Heaver

Writing: Hippo and Wusubi Last update: May 10, Patch 6.2.1 You can check out our Meta Report to see the best and most expensive decks in the current meta..

Join in The Witcher universe’s favorite card game! Each deck was built with a budget of around 1200 scraps in mind, showing examples of how our Crafting Guide can be utilized to improve the starting decks.

Strengths: - Flexible game plan, you're good on either side of the coin and can challenge any deck in long and short rounds alike - Despite only packing 12 provisions, Mystic Echo is still one of the best abilities in Gwent, not to mention that your bronze core is amazing. The goal of this guide is to provide the Gwent newcomers with cheap decks. In GWENT, you clash with your friends in fast-paced duels that combine bluffing, on-the-fly decision making and careful deck construction.

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