An earthquake has one magnitude. In the United States, we use the modified Mercalli scale, which was adjusted to account for differences in buildings between Italy and southern California.

C. Mohs scale . How Is An Earthquake Measured. While magnitude is termed as the strength of the earthquake, the intensity of the natural calamity varies from place to place, depending upon a number of factors. Magnitude versus Intensity. The other is based on intensity—how much the ground shakes at a specific location. The slip of one block of rock over another in an earthquake releases energy that makes the ground vibrate. The Richter Scale was invented by Charles Francis Richter in 1935. That vibration pushes the adjoining piece of ground and causes it to vibrate, and thus the energy travels out from the earthquake Earthquake intensity is very different from earthquake magnitude. The higher numbers of the scale are based on observed structural damage. Earthquake intensity is most often measured using the modified Mercalli scale, which was invented by the Italian geologist Giuseppi Mercalli in 1902 and uses Roman numerals from I to XII. This happens because the relation between the seismic measurements and the magnitude is complex and different Example 2: A recent earthquake in San Francisco measured 7.1 on the Richter scale. Therefore, each earthquake produces a range of intensity values, ranging from highest in the epicenter area to zero at a distance from the epicenter. Magnitude and Intensity measure different characteristics of earthquakes. Known as the Richter scale, it assigns a number based on the height of the waves on a seismogram (the visual output of a seismograph). Earthquakes can be measured in two ways. Start studying Magnitude and intensity of Earthquakes - measured by different scales. The magnitude of an earthquake and the intensity of shaking is usually reported on the Richter scale. Earthquake - Earthquake - Intensity and magnitude of earthquakes: The violence of seismic shaking varies considerably over a single affected area. Each seismic station in the network measures the movement of the ground at that site.

The intensity of the earthquake in South America was 8.9 on the Richter scale. Examveda . Home / General Knowledge / Environmental Science / Question. It is distinct from the moment magnitude (M w ) usually reported for an earthquake , which is a measure of the energy released (sometimes misreported as the Richter magnitude, M L ). - For weak earthquakes we usally use a manner in which the earthquake is felt by people as a measure. Earthquake intensity is measured using the modified Mercalli scale or the macroseismic scale. The Mercalli scale measures the intensity of an earthquake by quantifying the effects of an earthquake on the Earth's surface. The moment magnitude scale is another earthquake measurement scale used … All are primary pollutants except.

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