NASA's chief of human spaceflight, Doug Loverro, on Wednesday (May 20) abruptly resigned from his post after taking charge only six months ago. Dear Megalodawniacs, Powering its way through the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, Dawn continues on course and on schedule for its 2015 appointment with dwarf planet Ceres. Now that we do not have a steep cliff in our front windshield, the skies stretch largely unencumbered above and around us. NASA’s Eyes is a free software program and mobile application to explore earth, the solar system, the universe and spacecraft exploring them. NASA is developing plans to send humans to an asteroid, and wants to know more about the electrical environment explorers will encounter there. It flows with electric activity that is not visible to our eyes. The tool is populated with NASA data dating back to 1950 and projected to 2050. NASA just named a powerful new space telescope for the woman who masterminded the existence of such observatories in the first place.

People are fooled by magic tricks, even if their eyes see past the illusion, a new study reveals. The playback rate can be sped up or slowed down. "See what NASA's spacecraft see -- and where they are right now -- all without leaving your computer." Users may experienced missions in real-time, and "Eyes on the Solar System" also allows them to travel through time. ... Gale landscape taken with our wonderful cameras. Space may appear empty -- a soundless vacuum, but it's not an absolute void.

NASA’s Eyes software can be downloaded to desktop or laptop computers ( – you get NASA’s Eyes on the Earth, NASA’s Eyes on the Solar System and NASA’s Eyes on Exoplanets, all for free.

Navcam will take a 360 degree look around for dust devils on two different sols, and will acquire movies looking for clouds both in the afternoon and early morning.

Note that the app requires an active Internet connection as it retrieves data from NASA servers when you run it. ... NASA's Mars rover Curiosity drove 6.2 feet (1.9 meters) during the … [image-36]

Loverro did not specify the reason behind his decision but he said in a farewell note to colleagues that he decided to step down due to a "mistake" he had committed earlier this year. However, much of the science team have had their eyes and the rover's eyes firmly focused on the ground. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology created the application. This is your Curiosity rover update.

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