Jackie dreams of a merger with the NBA. Jackie Moon : There'll be a lotta television cameras out there so we just gotta be tip top. Clarence 'Coffee' Black : So what's the plan? Clarence "Coffee" Brown dreams of stardom: he's the Tropics' best player, but he's a hotdog who doesn't value teamwork. He leads a coup against Jackie Moon in Semi-Pro, supporting Ed Monix is his bid to coach the team. Semi-Pro (2008) André Benjamin as Clarence. A tough-minded point guard named Monix is at the end of his career; he's played on the champion Celtics but accepts a trade to Flint to be close to Lynn, the love of his life. Black is played by Andre Benjamin. All of the Semi Pro jerseys are stitched. Flint Tropics Coffee Black Jersey is the from the basketball movie Semi-Pro. Clarence 'Coffee' Black is the best player on the Flint Tropics. Semi-Pro (2008) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The front of the Coffee Black jersey features the logo of Flint Tropics and the number is 7, as long as the back is Coffee Black and the number is 7. Coffee Black and Jackie Moon are the ABA players for team Flint Tropics.

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